Master Solaire™

Master Solaire™ speaks to his students at the Wattle Centre, 27 June 2010

The banner of purification flows accross the Earth

Heed, children of earth, for the consciousness dawns and an ultimate Light appears.  Those born of the Light will embrace its strength, those born through the shadow will fear it and cast it aside.  It is in the patterning of the soul’s influence, not by the personality. 

The Light of karma has many visions.  Some are blinded to the deceit of the world, some are expanded and the cloth of truth embraces before you.

There in the sorrow of mankind, is the ultimate fear; to belong, to give grateful thanks and to have a truth that does not feel the shame of the world. 

The Light within the purification of the human soul is ultimate, and will break through the confines as, and when, the moment of change appears.

Children of the earth, take up your sword, not as a weapon of war, but as a token of strength and truth.  The banner of purification flows across the earth, it unfolds and the Light and the shadow are stripped bare, and all can be seen.
Look for the illuminated Light of peace and the shadows shall not creep across your being.  The profound Light fills every part of your total beginning.  Who shall listen?  Who shall turn away?  Choices are made and the Light will go on in the moving truth of its Divine beginning.

A song, a lyric, a movement, all have its worth when the notes are pure, and the Light it creates is the sustenance of humankind.

The world starves and it is by the presence of truth that the new world begins, and the never-ending stream of Light shall be upon the horizon and for all time.  Begin it.  It is the heritage of the seed of life, watered and encouraged, and growth occurs.  Children of earth, you are born again.

© Ivy Smith, the Wattle Centre, 27 June 2010.

Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith is a healer, trance medium and teacher offering healing and crystal healing, personal development groups and guidance. Ivy is also the Principal of the Academy of Crystal Enlightenment (ACE). Ivy is a Trustee of the Silent Minute and involved in the Climb for Tibet organisation.