Testimonial from Brenda

I write the following with Humility and Love for Ivy Smith.
Ivy is a very gentle, unassuming, humble lady who will help anyone who asks.  I have been attending Ivy Smith’s meditation and self-improvement groups for at least 20 years.  Over this time, I have found Ivy serves and treats all people with understanding, compassion and unconditional love.

The years I have spent with Ivy have totally changed my life in ways I never thought possible.  The healing and guidance I have received has enabled me to grow and blossom into a fuller person, allowing me to be who I truly am deep within.

The readings that she gives are absolutely priceless.  Each of her readings from master Advarr are totally unique to the sitter, they are given gentle words of guidance from Master Advarr according to their needs.

I know I am very blessed to be under Ivy’s and Master Advarr’s guidance and for this I am truly grateful.  As my journey continues with Ivy, I know I can only go forward and grow with love on the path of light that I am blessed to be on.  My love for Ivy is deep and my loyalty and commitment is total, so thank you for all that you give to me.

Testimonial from Alan

Its not often that we suspend thought and busying ourselves in order to look at how we arrive at the present point in our life today.  This is my personal reflection from the time I met Ivy Smith.

Just over 20 years ago, my life was thrown into complete chaos.  Due to my recent divorce and years of having no real understanding of life’s purpose and my reason for being here, I was forced to look deeply into everything.  Then, I met someone in Ivy’s groups, who suggested I go along as their guest.  I went, and entered a wooden building in Ivy’s garden.  Inside, it felt like another world.  A world of peace, acceptance, crystals and belonging.  I have continued going to Ivy’s groups since that time, and consider her as my dear friend. 

Over the years, Ivy has accepted me, in a way that no other person ever has.  She has accepted my ego and personality, and gently guided me with her patience and deep inner wisdom. 
Through my personal readings with Master Advarr, I have been able to develop a new career in sound therapy and to understand the purpose of my life and the work that I was born to do.  Ivy has also allowed me to help her with her work and this has been inspirational.  In fact, when I reflect on these experiences, I am filled with a deep gratitude and I know that this has guided my sense of devotion to the God light and reflecting in my work.

The channellings, crystal courses and groups that Ivy runs are an experience of entering into the realms beyond the physical plane, an experience of deep inner connectedness with my consciousness and of deep inner peace.  An opportunity to release physical, emotional, and mental blocks and of feeling pure joy.

Ivy presents herself as a humble simple person, devoted to doing God’s work.  The soul growth and wisdom that emanates through her teachings and from her words come from a place far beyond this earth.  And yet, when listened to and received, they carry a pureness and truth, that I do not have the words to describe.  But I know that when I receive their vibration, something has changed and advanced within me to offer to others.  I AM GRATEFUL FOR ARRIVING AT THIS POINT IN MY LIFE.  GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU IVY.


Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith is a healer, trance medium and teacher offering healing and crystal healing, personal development groups and guidance. Ivy is also the Principal of the Academy of Crystal Enlightenment (ACE). Ivy is a Trustee of the Silent Minute and involved in the Climb for Tibet organisation.