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What is Healing?

For those seeking spiritual healing, it induces a very beneficial effect upon the body's energy field by clearing the negative energies that cause the imbalance. This imbalance is often brought about by the stresses of life or disease within the body and also dis-
ease within the mind. Healing works on all levels of the body, physical, emotional and mental where so many problems and diseases originate.

So what actually happens during healing?

In the hands of an experienced healer, you will be relaxing, fully dressed, on a couch or a chair. The healer will help you relax further by talking to you and giving you simple visualisation and breathing exercises. You will be given step by step guidance to reach a calm, relaxed state.

When the healer is channelling the healing energy, you may feel warmth, cold, tingling or other sensations of energy movement, none of which are uncomfortable. You may notice a change in your feelings, one of lightness, as if a weight has been lifted off you or there may be a total emotional release. Different people react in different ways. These feelings are an indication of the many subtle adjustments taking place in all levels of your being.

If you are receiving medical treatment, continue to do so. Healers make no attempt to diagnose medical conditions, healing is complementary to and not a substitue for conventional medicine.

As with all forms of treatment, no cure can be guaranteed, however some benefits will certainly be gained without any side effects.

The General Medical Council allows doctors to recommend spiritual healing to their patients as a complementary treatment.

How many healing sessions will you need?

This will vary according to the nature of your condition. Healing helps correct imbalances in your energy field long before any symptoms of disease develop within the body. Many people choose to have regular treatments as preventative medicine to help them deal with the stresses of daily life. The healing sessions will take about 60 minutes.

Qualifications of the healers

All the healers at the Wattle House are members of Academy of Crystal Enlightenment (ACE) or are members of the Healing Trust, formerly National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH).

The ACE school is a member of the Afilliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO).

The NFSH has a strict code of conduct and trains its practitioners so that they have a good knowledge of theory and a high standard of competence in the practice of healing.

Ivy Smith FM. ACE , MICCH

Ivy is the Principal of the Academy of Crystal Enlightenment (ACE) and trains students to Diploma standard in crystal healing. Ivy is a member of the Healing Trust (formerly the National Federation of Spiritual Healers).

Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith is a healer, trance medium and teacher offering healing and crystal healing, personal development groups and guidance. Ivy is also the Principal of the Academy of Crystal Enlightenment (ACE). Ivy is a Trustee of the Silent Minute and involved in the Climb for Tibet organisation.