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The ascended Master Advarr™ of Light and crystals, had three lives in Atlantean times, working in the temples, studying the rejuvenation of cells.  Eventually he became a crystal master, and in his last incarnation in Atlantis, he was the supreme crystal master.  I worked with him at that time in each incarnation, and this is why he channels through me in this life because of this great connection.  I am his only channel.  Master Advarr™ has come to help people to open the crystalline body, purifying the body’s note for purer and greater heightened consciousness.

Master Advarr™ taught students from infancy, it was a great honour to be taught and often his students lived in the temples.  People of all ages came daily to the temple gates so that they may draw his attention and hopefully be chosen by Master Advarr™ as students.  Their training was quite arduous and very profound, they would be asked to collect pebbles from the beaches, of a certain colour and size.  They worked in the healing pools, learnt to programme crystals, remove thought forms from crystals, learnt to project themselves out of the body, as well as the very profound meditation and menial tasks of an initiate.  Like all committed students, they had to break the ego, change their program of thinking to come into a purer state of soul consciousness.  All gifts of this nature are only acquired by total commitment and discipline over many years.

There was a strict discipline within the temple and many students could not stand the pace.  So often it is the case of today, when the ego becomes more predominant and wants to run before the student can walk.  But for those who are open to learn, make changes and seek growth, the master one day will come and your name will be called and a new journey shall be yours to begin.

Master Advarr™ programmed the energy within the healing pools.  Varying colours of crystal, would be placed in the pool by his students, these crystals were programmed with a specific frequency in the healing of certain diseases and bodily complaints.

There, in the inner sanctuary of the temple was a very large crystal, the crystal formed a force field around itself which Master Advarr™ had programmed into the crystal.  The force field was to protect great ancient knowledge from one age of consciousness to another.  If anyone approached this crystal, the force field would not only repel them from coming closer, but the signal from its high pitched sound would affect the brain-waves and render people unconscious.  All students were aware of these things and many tried but were always healed and removed from the temple totally.
Master Advarr™ worked with programming large crystals to form an enormous grid to dispel the darkness for those who sought for greater power to destroy the light.  There were those of the dark who would try in their cunning manner to influence the students in any way that they could.  Master Advarr™ had great insight and could see through to the essence of people’s souls, knowing their thoughts and intention within their personality.  He was also an alchemist and could transport through the ethers from one master to another the key programming of specific crystals.  They had this ability by the attunement of their own crystalline body to receive programmed messages from one master to another.

The greed for power in Atlantis created a darker force.  Like the greed of today, it is often the destroyer, be warned of these things.  The day came and Atlantis was destroyed, the darkness fell by its own folly against spiritual law, unfortunately many of those of the light fell also.  Master Advarr™ and a few of his initiates from the temple were saved by the grace of the light.  They were taken upon a journey to, what is known today as, Egypt, to continue his work.

Channelled teachings

© Ivy Smith, the Wattle Centre, 27 June 2010.


Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith

Ivy Smith is a healer, trance medium and teacher offering healing and crystal healing, personal development groups and guidance. Ivy is also the Principal of the Academy of Crystal Enlightenment (ACE). Ivy is a Trustee of the Silent Minute and involved in the Climb for Tibet organisation.